EMS Italfit

For the first time in Iran

Based on the latest European technology, EMF Ital Fit products make some waves with specific frequencies and increases the speed through special pads that cause the fat cells to vibrate. This phenomenon makes some air bubbles inside and outside the cell.

Ital Fit products are used to permanently eliminate fats in different parts of the body. With the help of the mechanical waves, you can remove excess fat from the sides, abdomen, back, thighs, and breasts.



Why EMS Ital fit suits are  EMS unique?

EMS Ital Fit products are special garments with very soft, lightweight and antiperspirant fibers that consist of 20 pads embedded in the most essential areas and are separated and symmetrical on the front and back of the body. (It is difficult to squeeze the muscles of the body symmetrically and simultaneously in traditional sports, which is easy and achievable even for beginners with Secco Suits).

Also, the increase in pulse from low to high with Secco Suits takes a long time and is slow, so it creates a pleasant feeling in the person, that means the pulse does not suddenly change from low to high in the form of a leap, but this is not the case in many brands.

Another advantage of Secco Suits is the pulse stroke mode, in which the pulse beats through the pads are spotted on the body and make a person feel good, but in the products of many brands, people are not satisfied with the sensation around the target area.

Most importantly, the warranty on Ital Fit products is between three to five years.

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