An Introduction of Ital Fit Team

Ital Fit is a team with a long history of managing, administrating and designing clubs and slimming, beauty, nutrition, and diet clinics. With the goal of meeting and examining a number of community health needs, it has offered the latest slimming and beauty treatments by an individual “massage” EMS outfit called “Secco suits“.

The suit is soft, lightweight, antiperspirant, which has electric pulses, making the suit a great alternative for clubs and traditional sports. It also reduces the need for massage parlors and massage chairs due to its ability to massage, and is usually used by sensitive people who want to lose weight, shape their body, and strengthen  their muscles.

Ital Fit is the most modern EMS for the first time in Iran
Ital Fit based on the latest slimming technology for all people
3-year secco suit receiver warranty
Under the supervision of experienced trainers from Dubai, England and Iran


Suitable for everyone

Ital Fit examines the needs of different people in society, such as the elderly, the injured, the people banned from exercise and walking, the disabled, the veterans, and the people with joint and mobility problems. Enjoy the involvement of the body’s muscles for health and weight loss, and sometimes enjoy physical strength and activity with these clothes where ever you are with the simplest exercises, without getting out of home in the least time, twenty minutes only.

With its safe products, Ital Fit guarantees the health of your beloved ones.

Ital Fit gives after sale services to customers and provides free training for each session exercise through animation and giving online  consultation by the trainer and the nutrition experts from the UK, so that all members of the community can enjoy sports and the diet and nutritional plans and solve the problems of inactivity in society.With Ital Fit products, there are no more any restrictions for the exercises and the body shaping, body health and slimming, and anyone with any physical condition can exercise wherever he is and achieve his goals…

 Ital Fit products are designed to:

  • Even while taking rest, people can use and enjoy them while massaging their bodies by these clothes.
  • Even while doing daily chores at home, they can both do their daily work and use the pleasurable pulses of the Secco Suits by wearing these clothes.
  • Also, many people can wear Secco Suits under their sportswear and go for a walk outdoors and go to clubs, and enjoy double fat burning and body shaping.
  • Secco Suits are designed with very soft, delicate, antiperspirant and anti-allergy fibers and there is no worriedness for the people with special and sensitive skin.
  • Secco Suits have the ability to install a simple software on mobile phones, which has made it easy for all classes of the society, so that all people of all ages can use it.

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