Ital Fit is a team with a long history of managing, administrating and designing clubs and slimming, beauty, nutrition, and diet clinics. With the goal of meeting and examining a number of community health needs, it has offered the latest slimming and beauty treatments by an individual “massage” EMS outfit called “Secco suits“.

Why Italfit EMS?

In EMS Ital Fit products, the frequency defined for electrical stimulation of muscles is simulated according to the body’s natural pulses and exclusively activates the skeletal muscles and does not damage organs, such as, the heart by any way.


Our workouts engage up to 98% of your muscles compared to 60% in the gym, burning up to 500 kcal in just 20 minutes. No weights are required ensuring minimal impact on shoulders, back and knees.


Ital Fit EMS has been scientifically proved to be effective and safe by reputable sports universities and has been used for more than 50 years by physicians, health clinics, physiotherapists and athletes around the world.


A 20-minute EMS workout equates to a 90-minute high-intensity gym class or personal training session and can easily be added to your existing workout routine or used solely.


All sessions are led by highly experienced personal trainers and designed to reach individual goals. Noticeable results can be seen after only 4 sessions or less depending on your lifestyle.

Weight Loss

The amount of calories your body requires on a daily basis is largely determined by your metabolism and sport activities. In general, if you have a caloric surplus, i.e. eat more than your body needs, you will gain weight. A caloric deficit on the other hand leads to weight loss. With age, the metabolic rate slows down which means fat is gained more easily. Our cardio workout can increase your metabolism by 300-500 kcal, i.e. your body burns an additional 300-500 kcal every day!

Muscle Growth & Body Toning

Our strengthening workout can both increase muscle mass and decrease body fat at the same time. Depending on your goal, you can either gain muscle size to appear stronger or reduce your overall size to achieve a more toned look. Weights and TRX can be added to the workout to increase the intensity.

Skin Tightness

Repeated intensive engagements of individual muscles can increase your metabolism significantly. A higher metabolism promotes fat loss and can therefore reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the overall look of your skin.

Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation

If you are suffering from back, shoulder or knee pain and are unable to do conventional workouts, EMS training can help you gain strength and therefore prevent future injuries while helping with existing problems. In this case, the workout only contains simple movements and requires no weights to ensure a minimal impact on your joints. EMS enhances injury recovery as well as rehabilitation and can be done in conjunction with conventional physical therapy.

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